Virtual Check-Ups

Part of our precautions during this pandemic is to limit the number of patients in the office at one time. Therefore we will be implementing virtual check-ups for some patients. The way it works is that you will take pictures at home using your phone. Please watch this Youtube video for instructions on how to take these pictures. You will then email these photos to Dr. Faust to review. The better the photos, the better the diagnosis. The YouTube video shows how to use spoons to pull back the cheeks. We also offer cheek retractors at no charge which you can pick up at the office or we can leave outside the front door for you upon request. If you have the popular game ‘Speak Out’, you can also use the cheek retractors from that game.

cheek re-tractors

If you have any specific questions or concerns please include those in your email. We are also offering the option to discuss your case via Facetime or Zoom if you prefer. In order to keep things organized, we have created a separate email account to send these records to. Please email them to Patients in braces only need to send one set of photos. For Invisalign patients please send one set with the aligners in and another set with the aligners out. When taking pictures of the bite, it is imperative that the patient is biting all the way down on the back teeth. (Try to imagine you are crushing down on a small nut between your back molars.) Any additional information you can give us would be helpful such as how the cooperation has been with elastics and/or aligners and what number aligner you are on. Dr. Faust will respond within 24 hours.

If you are wearing elastics it is especially important to take good photos of your bite from the side. Dr. Faust can then evaluate how they are working and if changes are needed to the size, orientation, or duration of the elastics. Make sure the patient is biting all the way down on their back teeth. See below for an example of the angle you are shooting for.

side profile image