Faust Orthodontics Havertown Pa
Our current facility was built in 1991 and served as a bank for many years. We purchased the building in 2013 and officially opened it’s doors in January 2015. The office boasts 12 foot ceilings and a comfortable waiting room with big screen tv’s and a children’s play area with iPads and games.  There is an on-deck area for patients to sign in and brush their teeth prior to their appointments.

When renovating the building we wanted to maintain some of the original bank features. The office utilizes the bank vault as part of our Faust Funds Wooden Nickel Reward Program. We also kept the Drive-Thru window for patient’s that would like to schedule their appointments or make payments without having to leave their car.


Our office building got it’s start as a bank in 1991.  When renovating the office we decided to make use of the bank vault and create a program that would be fun for patients while also motivating them to take responsibility for their treatment.

Every patient at Faust Orthodontics is assigned a safety deposit box within The Vault.  At each appointment they can receive up to three Wooden Nickels:  One for good brushing, one for no broken braces, and one for wearing their Faust Orthodontics t-shirt to their appointment.  Additional Wooden Nickels can be earned for things like getting their teeth cleaned with the hygienist and getting good grades on their report cards.  At any point in treatment they can withdraw their nickels for valuable gift cards.

Faust Orthodontics Havertown Pa


Faust Orthodontics Havertown Pa
  • 3 Nickels

    Free slice of pizza and a soda at Cenzos

  • 10 Nickels

    $10.00 gift card to one of the following: Wawa Starbucks, i-Tunes, Bath and Body Works

  • 20 Nickels

    $20.00 gift card to one of the following: Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Panera

  • 50 Nickels

    $50.00 gift card to one of the following: i-Tunes, American Eagle, Best Buy, $50 Amex Gift Card

During treatment, patients will have the opportunity to earn Faust Funds! This program rewards those patients with excellent hygiene and cooperation and encourages patients to take care of their braces.

Earn one Wooden Nickel for each of the following (up to 3 per appointment):

              • Hygiene (brushing and flossing) is graded as good
              • No damaged, lost or broken appliances
              • Wear your Faust Orthodontics t-shirt to your appointment and to school that day (if applicable)

Bonus Wooden Nickels

              • Have your teeth cleaned at your dentist’s office.  Earn one nickel for having your teeth cleaned and a 2nd bonus nickel for excellent oral hygiene.  Just have your hygienist sign one of our Hygiene Check cards with the date of your cleaning appointment (up to 4 nickels per year).
              • You or a parent become a fan of our office on facebook and instagram (1 nickel per person per account, max 3). Just take a screenshot or print out a page from your facebook and/or instagram accounts showing that you added our office and bring it to your next appointment (up to 6 nickels).
              • All A’s and B’s on the report card get 1 wooden nickel (up to 4 per year).
              • Take a selfie wearing our t-shirt on vacation or at school and send it to us to post on facebook (1 nickel) and instagram.


Another convenient feature we kept from when the building used to be a bank is the Drive-Thru window.  In a rush?  Have small kids in the car?  You can now use the Drive-Thru window to make appointments, make payments, or even just to pick up things like rubber bands or ortho wax. Unfortunately, Dr. Faust is not able to perform any Drive-Thru adjustments on your braces. 😉