Virtual Consultations

We have implemented Virtual Consultations as a way for us to engage with people interested in orthodontic treatment. It is not as good nor does it replace an in-person consultation. It will, however, get the ball rolling by being able to formulate a basic assessment of a patient’s needs and to discuss and answer questions regarding treatment options. We can also discuss insurance and financing. These are the following steps to initiate your Virtual Consultation:

1) Click on the pop-up window that says Start Your Virtual Consultation.
2) Enter your information and answer questions.
3) The program will guide you on how to take pictures of your teeth with your phone. It is much easier if you have someone to help you take the pictures. The video shows you using fingers to pull the cheeks back but spoons also work very well. There is a video link under the Virtual Check-Up tab that shows this technique very well.
4) Dr. Faust will review the photos and then we will reach out to set up a video conference with our treatment coordinator and Dr. Faust.
5) Dr. Faust will give you a preliminary diagnosis and discuss treatment options.
6) Our treatment coordinator will discuss fees, insurance, and payment plans. We encourage you to reach out to your insurance carrier prior to the video conference to verify you have orthodontic benefits and how much. We can verify your insurance for you if you prefer, but we would need a social security number to do so.
7) Once we reopen, we will schedule a 30-minute in-person visit to take X-rays and verify the diagnosis and treatment plan.

I stress that this will be a preliminary diagnosis that is subject to change upon the in-person examination and Xrays.

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